söndag 13 mars 2016


 "And when the spring came, winter died."
Mostly a practice in drawing realistic fur and using light from behind the motive, 
but also in symbolic storytelling (in which I used the passing of a season as a metaphor for how new life can grow from the death of another). I couldn't decide which version I preferred so this one got two final versions, as seen above and below. 
Here's also a rather rough step-by-step tutorial thing on how I created my latest work "Spring". 

I originally planned to make this a "tutorial video", but Photoshop really didn't like my recording program and decided to freeze and crash over and over, so I eventually had to give it up halfway through the painting.. But here's some sort of tutorial thing for you anyways, and I'll give video tutorials another try some other day! (ALSO, If you haven't seen any of my "basic sketches" before -from when I've previously made tutorials etc- then yes, they are hilarious)

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