tisdag 1 mars 2016

So much to do

I'm aware that I've been pretty bad at posting anything on the blog lately. I've been almost insanely busy through january and february, with uni admissions and some big projects!

I'm applying to schools in different parts of the country, and most of them are far away from here so it'll be exciting to see where I end up after the summer. Hopefully I'll be able to have an actual studio/workplace where I live then.

Since most of the works I currently do are made as work samples for uni admissions, I sadly can't show you much of them just yet.

Also I've been spending a lot more time with the horses over the past months, taking lessions etc. I feel better mentally (physically too of course) the more time I can spend with them, and I currently use the riding as a way to ease up from stress. This is also a reason to why I have less time to make personal works, or blog for that matter, right now.

However, from now on I'll start blogging here on a more regular basis (now that I'm finally finished with one of my biggest projects!) and in the coming week I plan to show you some of the newer paintings I've made, together with at least one tutorial.

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