onsdag 2 mars 2016

Midnight hunt

A bit late, but here it is, my first finished painting of 2016!

Some late night sketching turned into a whole painting. 
I wanted to work with contrast and light to create a dramatical setting, as well as practice more in storytelling and portraying movement. 

This painting became very important to me so I spent much time on it, this because I made it to help myself cope with grief. Ravens and snow owls are my favourite birds.. only, this snow owl became an albino rather than a regular one. This, as a small tribute to a loved (albino) pet of mine that died this week. I'm still very sad about it so I couldn't handle drawing a portrait of her.. but this way I still included her in my art.

You can also see some closeups of it HERE.
Below you can see a step-ny-step tutorial thing on how I painted this artwork.

I wouldn't claim my basic sketches are very pleasant to the eye, but after some hours of work even the messiest ones can turn out nicely. It's been long since I spent this long on a painting and I usually stop somewhere at step 4-5, but I hope this can inspire some of you to put effort into your art even when it feels like it takes forever or won't be good. I promise you, in the end it will be, and the time spent on it will be all worth it.

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