onsdag 11 november 2015

Working with horses

Today I had a job interview, quite far from here so it almost took all day. The job was related to Icelandic horses, and they seemed really nice and so on. However.. I've always thought it would be best to work with something else, and keep horses as a hobby only. Or, more like a goal. This both because I'm afraid that I would loose interest in riding and horses a bit if I begin to see it as work. And as a "goal" I mean that the reward will be greater if I've really worked for it. I believe that the day I can manage to have a horse on my own, it will be worth more to me, than it would have if horses were a part of my job.

I believe I've made the right choice. Studying to become an Illustrator and Graphic designer, good enough to one day afford to live as I dream to, with a horse of my own, and more.  
My boyfriend gets along so well with the horses -especially old Smári- that he too wants to spend more and more time with them, and even study to become a farrier. So I don't think it will be a problem to keep horses close in my life, regardless of how much time I spend studying/working.

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